Below Deck cast: All the crew members past and present (2024)

Following the stewards (or ‘stews’) and deckhands (known as ‘decks’), as well as the chef, captains and bosun (a ship's officer in charge of equipment and the crew) on a boat called the St David, season 10 of the show wasn’t without its share of drama, and two crewmates were even fired from the yacht!

But as we wait for the 11th season to return to our screens on Hayu at some point later this year, who are the cast of Below Deck, and what are their jobs on the ship? Read on to find out.

Below Deck current cast

Lee Rosbach

Below Deck cast: All the crew members past and present (1)

Age: 73

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Job: Captain

Instagram: @captain_lee_rosbach

At the helm of the yacht since season 1, Captain Harold Lee featured in episodes 1-5 and 14-17 of last season, due to ongoing health issues.

Sadly, the captain will not return for season 11 - but all is not lost, as if it goes ahead, he hopes to be back on our screens in series 12!

Born and raised in Michigan, former Wendy’s manager Lee obtained his captain’s licence aged 35, when he moved to Turks & Caicos to run a restaurant in his mid-30s.

He has since spent more than three decades circling the globe as a mega yacht captain.

Sandra "Sandy" Yawn

Below Deck cast: All the crew members past and present (2)

Age: 58

Job: Captain

Instagram: @captainsandrayawn

With over 30 years of yachting experience under her belt, Captain Sandy Yawn is one of the most respected captains in the industry.

In the last season of Below Deck, Sandy took over from Captain Lee when he took a step back due to his health conditions.

Rachel Hargrove

Below Deck cast: All the crew members past and present (3)

Age: 41

Job: Chef

Instagram: @chefrachelhargrove

While she is predominantly self-taught, Rachel attended the Culinary Institute of America and held an apprenticeship at the Michelin Star restaurant Quatro Passi in Nerano, Italy.

Spending time in Thailand, Japan, India and Italy, the chef revels in her wide range of cuisines and is unfazed by almost any charter guest preference sheet.

Fraser Olender

Age: 29

Job: Chief Steward

Instagram: @fraserolender

Fraser joined the yachting industry four years ago, beginning his career in the business on a motor yacht in Naples, Italy.

Prior to yachting, Fraser worked in commercial bookings for leading model agencies in London.

Fraser also hopes to one day open his own luxury hotel, as he loves to travel to picturesque destinations during the off-season.

Alissa Humber

Below Deck cast: All the crew members past and present (5)

Age: 23

Job: 2nd Stewardess

Instagram: @alissaveronicaa

Alissa began her career in yachting just over two years ago, and spends her time working as a stew on temporary yacht jobs.

In her downtime, Alissa loves to shop, and also enjoys kayaking and hiking in Florida, where she was born and raised.

Alissa only features in episodes 1-13 of season 10, after she was sacked by Captain Sandy for "insubordination", as she was sunbathing instead of helping crew mate Tyler Walker finish the interior tasks.

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Hayley De Sola Pinto

Below Deck cast: All the crew members past and present (6)

Age: 34

Job: 3rd Stewardess

Instagram: @hayleydesolapinto

Brit Hayley hails from Cornwall and has been working on yachts on and off since she was 23, thanks to her love of travel and meeting new people.

During most of the year, Hayley is an advanced aesthetics practitioner for her self-built business Classen Aesthetics.

Camille Lamb

Below Deck cast: All the crew members past and present (7)

Age: 25

Job: Deck/Stew

Instagram: @camillelambb

Camille comes from a family of merchant mariners and has been sailing since she was nine - but that’s not her only passion.

An avid singer and songwriter as well, Camille competed on American Idol in 2021 - but when she was eliminated from the competition, she decided to secure a position on a day-charter yacht in the Virgin Islands.

Since then, Camille has had formal yachting training under her belt, with work experience in Miami and Los Angeles.

However, like Alissa, Camille was let go by Captain Sandy in episode 9 last season after clashing with chef Rachel.

Ross McHarg

Below Deck cast: All the crew members past and present (8)

Age: 39

Job: Bosun

Instagram: @razzatime

British yachtie Ross led the deck team as bosun last season.

Spending the last 15 years travelling all across the world, Ross found yachting through teaching ski seasons in Europe 12 years ago.

Ben Willoughby

Below Deck cast: All the crew members past and present (9)

Age: 28

Job: Lead Deckhand

Instagram: @wanderingwilloughby

Deckhand Ben Willoughby was born and raised on the Gold Coast of Australia.

He first took to the high seas in 2020 when he joined a mega yacht crew in France.

Combining his passion for fitness with his love of the water, Ben has worked as both a deckhand and personal trainer on yachts for the past three years.

Katie Glaser

Below Deck cast: All the crew members past and present (10)

Age: 31

Job: Deckhand

Instagram: @kmglaser

While Katie has worked in different corporate fields, including IT recruiting, account management, and beverage sales, she found her place in the fast-paced yachting industry when she moved from Colorado to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Since starting her boating career as a stew three years ago, Katie has built an extensive resume as a deckhand and first mate on a variety of yachts.

In her spare time, Katie loves being not on the water, but in it - and can often be found snorkelling, wakeboarding and swimming.

Luis Antonio "Tony" Duarte

Below Deck cast: All the crew members past and present (11)

Age: Late twenties

Job: Deckhand

Instagram: @tony._.dua

Costa Rican deckhand Tony is an adrenaline junkie and has experience as a divemaster in South Africa, a whale-watching guide in Costa Rica and a zip-liner in the Bahamas.

He also enjoys surfing, fishing and cliff jumping.

With prior experience on smaller boats, season 10 marked his first time working on a super yacht.

Leigh-Ann Smith

Below Deck cast: All the crew members past and present (12)

Age: Mid twenties

Job: 2nd Stewardess

Instagram: @leigh_annsmith_

South African Leigh-Ann, who hails from Cape Town, sold her car and all her belongings at age 22 to join the yachting industry and has never looked back!

Like her friend Tony, Leigh-Ann is also an adrenaline junkie and during her downtime can be found motorcycling, kite surfing and skydiving.

Climbing the ranks to become chief stew on her previous vessel, she joined the St David late in the season as a stew.

Tyler Walker

Below Deck cast: All the crew members past and present (13)

Age: 24

Job: Deck/Stew

Instagram: @itstylerwalker

Tyler has spent six years in the yachting industry, thanks to a last minute decision when he graduated high school.

The stew, who comes from South Africa, joined the team on the St David after they were a person down when Camille was sacked!

Below Deck past cast

Below are the past cast of Below Deck, and which series they appeared in:

  • David Bradberry - Deckhand (S1 and 3)
  • Adrienne Gang - Chief Stew (S1), Guest (S2)
  • Kat Held - 2nd Stewardess (S1-2)
  • CJ LeBeau - 2nd Engineer (S1)
  • Eddie Lucas - Deckhand (S1), Bosun (S2-3), Bosun/First Officer (S8-9)
  • Samantha Orme - 3rd Stewardess (S1)
  • Ben Robinson - Chef (S1-4)
  • Aleks Taldykin - First Officer (S1)
  • Kate Chastain - Chief Stewardess (S2-7)
  • Amy Johnson - 3rd Stewardess (S2), 2nd Stewardess (S3), Guest (S4)
  • Kelley Johnson - 2nd Engineer/Deckhand (S2), Guest (S3), Bosun (S4)
  • Jennice Ontiveros - Deckhand (S2)
  • Logan Reese - Deckhand (S2)
  • Andrew Sturby - Deckhand (S2)
  • Don Abenante - 2nd Engineer/Deckhand (S3)
  • Connie Arias - Deckhand (S3)
  • Raquel "Rocky" Dakota - 3rd Stewardess (S3)
  • Dane Jackson - Deckhand (S3)
  • Emile Kotze - Deckhand (S3)
  • Leon Walker - Chef (S3)
  • Lauren Burchell - Deckhand (S4)
  • Kyle Dixon - Deckhand (S4-5)
  • Nico Scholly - Deckhand (S4), Lead Deckhand (S5)
  • Sierra Storm - 3rd Stewardess (S4)
  • Trevor Walker - Lead Deckhand (S4)
  • Emily Warburton-Adams - 2nd Stewardess (S4)
  • Brianna Adekeye - 2nd Stewardess (S5)
  • Chris Brown - Deckhand (S5)
  • Matt Burns - Chef (S5)
  • Bruno Duarte - Deckhand (S5)
  • Jennifer Howell - 3rd Stewardess (S5)
  • EJ Jansen - Bosun (S5)
  • Baker Manning - Deckhand (S5)
  • Caroline Bedol - 3rd Stewardess (S6)
  • Laura Betancourt - 3rd Stewardess (S6)
  • Chandler Brooks - Bosun (S6)
  • Josiah Carter - 2nd Steward (S6)
  • Rhylee Gerber - Deckhand (S6 and 7)
  • Ross Inia - Deckhand/Bosun (S6)
  • Adrian Martin - Chef (S6)
  • Ashton Pienaar - Deckhand (S6), Bosun (S7)
  • Tyler Rowland - Deckhand (S6)
  • Kevin Dobson - Chef (S7)
  • Simone Mashile - 2nd Stewardess (S7)
  • Abbi Murphy - Deckhand (S7)
  • Brian de Saint Pern - Deckhand (S7)
  • Courtney Skippon - 3rd/2nd Stewardess (S7)
  • Tanner Sterback - Deckhand (S7)
  • Shane Coopersmith - Deckhand (S8)
  • Elizabeth Frankini 2nd/3rd Stewardess (S8)
  • James Hough - Deckhand (S8)
  • Ashling Lorger - 3rd/2nd Stewardess (S8)
  • Robert Phillips - Deckhand (S8)
  • Francesca Rubi - Chief Stewardess (S8)
  • Avery Russell - Deckhand (S8)
  • Isabelle "Izzy" Wouters - Stewardess/Deckhand/Lead Deckhand (S8)
  • Jessica Albert - 3rd Stewardess (S9)
  • Heather Chase - Chief Stewardess (S9)
  • Jake Foulger - Deckhand/Lead Deckhand (S9)
  • Rayna Lindsey - Deckhand (S9)
  • Wes O'Dell - Deckhand (S9)
  • Sean Meagher - Captain (S9)
  • Kaylee Milligan - 3rd Stewardess (S9)

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Below Deck cast: All the crew members past and present (2024)
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