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Chapter 1

It was a bright and sunny day, a common sight for the average citizen of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. The birds were singing, a cool gentle breeze was blowing, and the people were happy. All save for one red eyed Jōnin who was currently being followed (or harassed depending on your perspective) by none other than the villages orange clad knucklehead himself, Naruto Uzumaki.






"No!For the last time, Naruto, I am not teaching you genjustu!" Stopping in the middle of the busy road, Kurenai Yuhi couldn't hold back the migraine pounding from the inside of her skull any longer. Why today, why did it have to betodayof all days that Naruto singled her out as his target to annoy?

She never should have agreed to meeting up with Anko at the bar last night, because this was always how it turned out. She would say just one drink, Anko would talk her into one more, which becomes another, then another, and before she knew it she's waking up naked in her friends trash covered apartment with a hangover the likes of which only one who had witnessed the Kyūbi attack first hand could hope to understand.

"Please!" Naruto pleaded, ignoring the obvious pain in the ass he was being to the young woman. As long as he got what he wanted in the end, who cares if he got on one person's nerves?

"I am not your Jōnin sensei," Kurenai reminded the thirteen year old. Speaking slowly and deliberately she continued, "Kakashi is. Why are you not bothering him to teach you?" bringing her fingers to massage her temples, she closed her eyes against the brightness of the sun. Kami she needed a drink.

Naruto flashed her a bright smile with narrowed eyes. "He-He," he chuckled. "Actually, I was earlier. Kinda. I asked him if he would teach me a cool ninjustu, like the ones he's been teaching Sasuke, that bastard. You remember the awesome fireball thing he can do? Well, it's only fair for me to have something like that since we're on the same team. But get this, after about an hour of chasing him down and begging him, he told me that a Hokage needs to be well rounded! And if I really wanted to take the old man's hat one day I need learn genjustu too! So then I asked him if he'd teach me that instead, but he told meyouwere the best genjustu user in the whole village. He also told me that if I want to become Hokage, I need to learn from the best! So, please teach me some awesome genjustu so I can kick the arrogant prick’s ass next time we spar!"

Wincing at the sheer volume the young teen was shouted at her with, it took every ounce of self-control she had to resist placing a never ending sleep genjustu on the little brat. "Damn you Kakashi," she swore bitterly. She would remember this, and he would pay, dearly.

"Naruto-kun," she breathed, "genjustu requires chakra control.Precisechakra control. You barely possess any control at all. There isn't anything Icouldteach someone at your current skill level." If this news was meant to discourage the boy, it didn't work. At all. If anything his stupid grin only grew in size, blinding Kurenai just as badly as the bright morning sun had when she first opened her eyes after rolling out of her friend’s bed not an hour ago.

"Ah, don't worry about that, I'll figure it out later. Just teach me something, ANYTHING!"

"No!" she barked, "chakra control isn't something you can just 'worry about later'. Especially when concerning genjustu. If you can't measure the correct amount needed in the correct order, the justu will either not work correctly, or will do… nothing. That's it. It just won't work. Now please stop following me!" she all but begged as the pounding of her head intensified. All she wanted was to take a hot shower and bury herself deep within the sheets of her bedroom where the vile sun could no longer torture her.

Naruto's grin faded somewhat as he stared at the overheated sensei, seeming to consider her words. Just as soon as Kurenai relaxed however his grin was back, the brunet's warning completely forgotten. "Whatever?" he shrugged his shoulders. "I mean, I don't really get it but, are you gonna teach me something or not?"

Finger's twitching; the red eyed woman couldn't decide between smacking the child or pulling her own hair out in frustration. Finally, the sun, the hangover, and just being around the hyperactive blond became too much.

"Fine!" she threw her hands up in the air, "whatever. If it means getting you off my back I'll teach you a damn genjutsu!"

Throwing his fist up in triumph, the blond cheered, only adding to Kurenai's pounding migraine. The woman only gave him a second before forcing his attention back on her, eager to get this as well as the day itself over with.

"Pay close attention because I'm only going to show you this once." Naruto nodded his head dramatically, stars nearly glimmering in his eyes as he watched the young woman with an intensity that as much as it pained her to admit, would have been nice to see her own squad possess for a change. "Okay," she sighed.

"These are the hand seals, do them with me." Flashing through the seals slowly enough for the blond to keep up with, the woman's fingers twisted to form the snake, rabbit, and tiger seals. "This is the Persuading Tongue Jutsu. Low level, easy to learn, and even easier to shrug off if you even think about using it for one of your pranks," she warned with a narrow eyed glare.

"It's generally used on civilians or captured genin to get them to reveal information they are hiding. It can't force someone to do anything, but it does make someone more prone to suggestion. However, it's also very easy to detect, so even if you do manage to pull it off it probably won't be of much use."

Naruto wasn't listening to a word she was saying at this point. Instead he was too busy repeating the hand seals she had shown him, trying to copy the simple three seal pattern with his clumsy fingers.

"Well, good luck," she waved as she turned to leave. Making no attempt to hide her eagerness to escape, she leapt as far from the child as she could without pause.

"Wait!" Naruto called as she landed on a roof above him, "that's it? You aren't gonna show me anything else?" He crossed his arms petulantly, glaring at the woman as if daring her to say yes.

"Find me again if you manage to get a squirrel or bird to come near you." She replied dismissively, pumping chakra into her legs to once again and ignoring the indignant 'hey!' that was throne her way as she disappeared into the throng of the village's business district. She'd decided to forgo a shower in favor of a dip at the hot springs to cure her raging hangover. Then, she had a certain silver haired pervert that needed a small talking to.

*Training Ground Three*

In a small clearing by an even smaller stream, a chipmunk could be seen gnawing on a nut fallen from a nearby tree. Suddenly, the small rodent's meal was interrupted by a wave of chakra nearly lifting it off its paws. Responding as any small animal would in its place, the moment it touched the ground its small frame disappeared into the forest, the only thing following it being a long and loud string of curses.

"Damn it!" the genin yelled into the sky with all the fury and fervor of a raging typhoon. Sweat poured down his face as he felt the last of his impressive chakra reservoir leave his body.

The sun that had been so high when he arrived and began practicing had dropped to the horizon, setting the sea of trees aflame with brilliant oranges and reds. Too tired to appreciate his favorite color bathing the landscape, Naruto lay breathless as he tried in vain to spot any remaining animals that hadn't fled for the safety of their burrows or nests.

He'd been at it for hours, performing the technique again and again at anything unfortunate enough to be spotted in the tall grass within his range. The process had sounded so simple, he was sure he would have it mastered by the end of the night. But he had yet to successfully snare even one critter, let alone get it to come up to him.

"Persuading Tongue Jutsu!" his voice cried out at the top of his lungs, sending a flock of nearby birds scattering into the sky. Unfortunately, just as every previous attempt, instead of a subtle stream of chakra seeping into his target, the life energy exploded from his body blasting everything in his path like a sonic boom.

With the last of his energy he cried out in frustration before falling onto his back, gasping for breath as his body ached and chest burned from exertion. Even a stamina freak like him had a limit, and he'd just about reached his.

Although he was nearly empty, that had never stopped him before, especially when it came to training. Still, he wanted to be home before dark and even if he wanted to stay all night, he doubted there were more than a handful of animals brave enough to stick around.

Thankfully, while the young demon container wasn't known for his rate of success, no one could say he had ever given up on anything he actually wanted.Especiallywhen he was told that it was impossible. And true to his nature, he managed to force himself to his feet, legs shaking and vision blurry, boldly declaring that this time he would get it for sure.

Summoning his chakra to mold it one more time, he dug around, trying to dredge up enough for what the technique required. "Persuading Tongue Jutsu!" he yelled out, sure that it would work! This time however it was to find no sudden surge of chakra like every time before. Rather, there hadn't been any chakra. At all. "f*ck!" he swore in a deep guttural growl, fists clenched and teeth gritting like flint on steel.

His body was sore from all the chakra that he'd burn through, but he wasn't about to give up that easy. The Hokage couldn't be a slacker after all! With this mentality, he formed the snake seal and once again tried to build up the chakra required for the jutsu.

It hurt, a lot actually. Straining ones chakra system was never a pleasant experience. But then again, Naruto had never been a stranger to pain. The problem was, as often the case, he'd overestimated his own abilities, and underestimated the strain he was putting his body under.

Trying to draw on chakra you didn't have never ended well for a ninja, especially so when that ninja happens to hold a powerful demon within their body. Without any natural chakra left to send through his system, his body did the only thing it could and began to draw from the one pocket of chakra he had left.

The Nine Tailed Fox.

Eyes clenched tight he failed to notice the red tinge that had begun seeping from his skin. Feeling the energy rush through his system, Naruto's eyes snapped open spotting a rabbit that had made the mistake of hopping out of the tall grass and into the clearing. And as the last two seals flashed, releasing the built up energy, even Naruto wasn't expecting the sudden explosion.

Much like Naruto, the Kyubi wasn't very good at moderation. If anything is was the only living being that made Naruto look like he had a clue what 'control' even meant. Still, answering the call of his jailer, the beast of chakra had released a tail of its power, more than overpowering the simple human technique. The explosion itself was also highly unusual as instead of the typical violent sort that left behind creators and trails of smoke in its wake, it passed through like a gentle breeze.

Scattering in all directions and stretching further than the blond could track. By the time it was finally over all he could do was stumble backwards looking around in shock, trying to see if anything had happened as a result of the massive surge of chakra he'd just pulsed out. As soon as the jutsu ended everything seemed to return to normal, not even the blades of grass at his feet any worse for wear.

Glancing at his hands, he stared at them in wonder, as though they might explain what had just occurred. It wasn't until his ears caught the feint sound of footsteps that he even remembered the rabbit, only to find it standing at his feet.

"Huh," was all that he could manage, his mind suddenly succumbing to the numb exhaustion. "I'm gonna be Hokag-" And he was out like a light, back on the grass and eyes drawn fully shut. Completely unaware what his final attempt had really accomplished. And the effects it would have on the ninja world itself.



"Waste of time…"


Bright and early, three ninja stood around the fallen blond. Having looked for him all morning only to find him were they were supposed to meet up and train annoyed more than just one of them. So, seeing Sakura wind her foot back to strike, neither Sasuke nor Kakashi felt the need to step in as she kicked their teammate awake.

Gasping and clutching his stomach in pain, Naruto looked around in a daze. Spotting his team, he blinked, scratching his head. "What are you guys doing in my apartment?" He let out a long yawn. What little patience Sakura had for the blond ran out as she as her fist rose, crashing into his skull. Thus, the three were forced to awaken the unconscious ninja all over again.

After his rude awakening, Naruto had looked around only curse at his lack of talent. Being perfectly honest, he'd been hoping he wouldn't have to spend too much time on this aspect of training, genjutsu being his least favorite type of combat due to how boring it was. And here he had gone and wasted an entire day with nothing to show.

To make matters worse, despite having a full night's rest he still felt drained for some reason. Normally a few hours was all he needed to recover no matter how hard or how long he trained. But call it from sleeping outside, or maybe he'd just trained harder than usual, he couldn't quite pull his energy levels up to par.

The rest of the morning went as normal as expected, not counting Naruto's sudden lack of enthusiasm for everything. Once the blond stopped yawning, team seven began their training, running drills with a few light spars. Repeating this until noon, they went on their way to the Hokage tower to receive their mission for the day.

Meanwhile, the blond continued to coast through the day in an exhausted daze, not even putting up a fuss as Iruka handed them their D-Rank assignment. That turned out to be the final straw as it was made abundantly clear something was wrong with their usually dynamic and over the top teammate. As much as they had thought, wished, or on more than one occasion threatened him to be quite, one of them snapped. Having become accustom to having her blond comrade filling the silence with white noise, Sakura spoke up, deciding even Naruto was better than nothing.

"What were you even doing out there all night?"

Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, Naruto turned to his teammate perking up a bit at having his crush's attention. "Huh? Oh, just training, Sakura-chan! You don't get this strong without giving it everything you've got!" Putting on a boastful laugh, he was disappointed when the pink haired kunoichi wasn’t as impressed as he'd hoped.

Narrowing her brow, she looked him over from head to toe before staring him in the eye, suspicion clearly evident. "Whatexactly were you training in? Because your clothes don't look any worse than they do normally, and the training grounds don't look like a warzone." Focused on Sakura, the blond failed to notice his male teammate's attention shift to their conversation.

"Ah, genjutsu," Naruto admitted sheepishly. He became even more so as he saw Sakura scoff in disbelief. "No really! I even got it to work, once… I think." Scratching his head, his memory of least night was fuzzy at best. By the end everything seemed to just blend together.

"Sure you did," the pink teen smirked.

"R-Really!" Naruto insisted.

"Geez Naruto, would you quit trying to copy Sasuke-kun already?" Seeing the blond blink incredulously, the girl just laughed. "Everyone knows the Uchiha clan are the best when it comes to genjutsu."

Clenching his fist, the blond turned to glare at his male teammate. Of course he had to be a natural at that too. Damn it, wasn't there anything he could do better than the Uchiha bastard? Turning back to the young girl, his mood had soured greatly.

"Man, Sakura," he groaned. "Do you have to bring him up every day?" To that the young girl just flipped her hair, showing just how much she thought of his opinion. Glaring at the floor, Naruto frowned, speaking under his breath. "I'd like to see you go a day without bringing him up." Not expecting his crush to have heard him, when she turned Naruto clamed up immediately, preparing to apologize.


Blinking, he stared at his friend as though she'd grown a second head. "Huh?!" Not repeating herself, Sakura sneered as normally as she always did before running forward to walk with her own crush. Naruto watched her go, scratching his head in confusion.

Before he had a chance to question her response further, Kakashi announced that they had arrived at the site of their mission. Stretching out all around them was a massive farm that went on as far as the eye could see in every direction. Cattle, pig, sheep, even a giant field of corn that went on for acres just waiting to be harvested. No one looked happy, well, except for Kakashi, who pulled out his faithful copy of Icha-Icha Paradise and flipped it to the dog-eared page he'd marked.

Getting pulled into harvesting duty for the farm they'd been hired to help for the day, Naruto never had the chance to wonder what had happened. Having the most hands available thanks to his Shadow Clones, he went out to the field with instructions to pluck each ear by hand. Sakura seemed to have lucked out getting milking duty while Sasuke got to pick last, getting stuck with herding the sheep.

Shuffling down the path back to the village, the sun had dropped to the horizon signaling the day's end. Naruto, Sakura and yes, even Sasuke all appeared ready to drop after the day they'd been put through.

Despite the dirt on her face and the smell of her own sweat, Sakura fixed her hair as best she could before cuddling up to her favorite Uchiha. "Hey, Sasuke-kun," she smiled sheepishly. "If you don't have any plans for tonight, how about grabbing a bite to eat when we get back? Or if you want, maybe something more…private?" with a twinkle of hope in her eye, the pinkette flinched back when she was met with a stony glare.

Grumpy from his sore muscles and the smell of sheep still clinging to his skin, the Uchiha turned to the girl, perhaps a bit meaner than usual. "I just finished spending an entire day herding barn animals, why the hell would I want to spend my night with one?" he shot her down, actually speeding up his pace to get away from her faster.

Sakura looked as though he had just punched her in the stomach. Trying not to appear too hurt by his rejection, all she could do was smile and laugh it off as best she could. "O-Okay," she smiled just a bit too wide. "I get it, you're tired. Maybe another time." By this point he wasn't even paying attention, staring forward as the shadows of the forest began to fuse.

Glaring at his rival, Naruto spared his crush a look of concern before strolling next to her, a bright smile on his face. "Ah, hey Sakura-chan, why don't you just forget about that bastard already?" he asked happily. "Go on a date with me instead! I bet I can get you a good deal at Ichiraku's!"

Laughing at how great a time that sounded, Naruto was prepared for the verbal, and possibly physical berating Sakura was oh so ready to dole out. It’d hurt, but it would also cheer up his crush. Which is why when it didn't come, he actually had to stop and glance at her.

Jumping back, Naruto's eyes were wide at Sakura's expression. She was glaring, looking every bit prepared to punch him as she usual, but the blow never came. Rather, she just continued to glare at him more disgusted by the second until finally she spoke.

"Sure, why not?" sighing as she said it, her tone seemed almost depressed; if not defeated.

"What?! Really?" the blond couldn't help but ask. And so happy, he didn't even notice the grimace on her face as she glared with displeasure. Still, a date was a date. And he wasn't about to waste whatever bazaar cosmic alignment that needed to happen for his Sakura-chan to finally say yes.

For the rest of the trip the team was silent, all but Naruto who went on to explain, in great detail, all the different flavors of ramen there were and which ones she would like the best. Arriving at the gate, Kakashi left his squad with a claim he had a report to fill out. Sasuke walked away without a word, leaving the two remaining genin all alone.

Naruto glanced over at his female friend with a genuine smile on his face. While others disregarded her as ordinary or plane, he only ever saw her as beautiful. True, she may not have been an early bloomer like some other girls in their class, but that didn't make her budding figure any less appealing in his eyes. If anything it added to her unique charm. When others saw Ino's curvy figure or Hinata's wide hips they would immediately discount his little cherry blossom, forgetting just how young she really was, and thus the potential for when she herself finally bloomed.

Her pale skin, her pink lips that curved with an adorable cupids bow, the gentle swell of her rear beneath the red qipao dress she always wore, Naruto would be lying if he said he hadn't taken a few peeks underneath during their morning training. The form fitting bike shorts left little to the imagination. And of course the bright pink hair was always an exotic treat. Others might only see a plane young girl, but Naruto saw much, much more. She was unique, one of a kind, and special, he was sure of it. Just as he was sure that one day he would become the Hokage.

Which is why Naruto was itching with nervous excitement. A stark contrast to the bored and somewhat irritated expression of his teammate. Still, the blond was determined to show his crush the best time he could and happily made up for her lack of conversation by talking enough for the both of them.

"…and you know what Iruka said then?" the blond fished. Sakura stared ahead, eyes drawn to half lids as though she were about to fall asleep. "He said, Naruto, you were supposed to aim at the targets, not the examiner!" Laughing uproariously, Sakura's lack of interest was finally starting to get to him. His joy quickly tapered off to a weak chuckle, leading him to glance worriedly at his bored friend.

"Um, oh, ah, hey!" he forced a smile, "look, Ichiraku!" Grabbing her wrist he pulled her forward, nearly off of her feet, as he raced toward the ramen stand. "Get ready for some of the best food you've ever had!" If he thought that would be enough to raise the girl’s mood he would be sorely disappointed.

Reaching the stand, Sakura glared daggers at the jinchuriki, making no attempt to hide her true feelings. "That hurt, idiot!" As she tore her wrist free, Naruto jumped back, quickly apologizing for his overly eager actions. Sakura didn't want to hear any of it, walking right past him to duck into the ramen stall. "Let's just get this over with, Naruto," she sighed.

Standing awkwardly in the street, a look of pain flashed across the blond's face before he tentatively stepped in to follow after the pinkette. What could he be doing wrong? 'Maybe she's just hungry,' he told himself. 'Maybe she'll cheer up a bit with some food in her stomach.' "Maybe…" he sighed. Rubbing the back of his neck, he wasn't so sure.

Having lost some of his earlier enthusiasm, Naruto silently took his seat next to his date, stealing a glance as he did. She didn't look angry any more, thankfully, but had reverted back to her zombie like revere. And honestly, the young man couldn't decide which was better.

Per tradition, upon seeing their favorite costumer both father and daughter greeted the young man with large smiles. And of course, seeing the boy she regarded as her little brother with an equally young girl, Ayame couldn't pass up the opportunity to poke fun at his expense. Naruto grinned in response.

"He-He, come on," he blushed bashfully. "Just give us two bowls of the house special, double the toppings." Salivating at the thought of the feast he was about to devour, he turned a cautious eye towards his teammate. "Don't worry about paying; this is on me, Sakura-chan!"

Raising an eyebrow, she simply rolled her eyes as though to say, 'no duh.'

Waiting for their food to arrive, Naruto didn't even try to make conversation this time. Sakura seemed satisfied to sit in silence, arms crossed and staring petulantly away from her date. All Naruto could do was twiddle his thumbs, his good mood dropping with each passing second.

Two bowls soon appeared on the counter, one before each of the only two customers currently present. While Naruto moved to dive right in, his female companion only took one look at the noodles and broth before turning her nose in the air. Taking notice, Naruto's brow wrinkled.

"Is… something wrong?" he offered, dropping the noodles he'd been about to shove into his mouth back into the broth to keep warm. In response, Sakura simply frowned, a look of distaste filling her features.

"I am not eating this," she declared. Seeing the pink haired girl push the bowl away, Naruto could only blink in confusion.

"W-What's wrong with it!?" he exclaimed, perplexed. If Sakura could look any more disgusted, it was then.

"It's just a bunch of oil and carbs! Do you know what that will do to my figure? My skin?! For god’s sake Naruto, you really are an idiot."

For the first time that night, Naruto found his patience reaching their limit. Insult him? Sure, whatever. Join the club, he was pretty sure they had jackets. But insult Ichiraku's ramen? No woman was worth such an insult.

"Geez, Sakura-chan, can't you just try one bite?" he asked, pleading with her to budge even just this one small request. But the girl was having none of it, narrowing her eyes at her teammate.

"I. Am. Not. Eating This," she repeated herself with perfect clarity to insure he didn't mishear her. "Just because you can survive off of this slop doesn't mean everyone else can. Just…ask them if they have a salad or something. I might as well get something for agreeing to this disaster of a…date." As the word slipped through her lips, Naruto watched her expression cringe, as though the word alone offended her tongue to be spoken.

Naruto narrowed his eyes.

For the entire night he'd been doing nothing but trying. Trying to make her laugh. Trying to show her a good time. Trying to make her forget about that bastard Sasuke. But all she did was frown and complain at every little thing. And he was the one ruining the night? f*ck that. Screwing his face up in anger, he turned back to his bowl and glared at the salty broth.

"Just eat your stupid ramen," he grumbled, suddenly wanting the date to be over just as much as Sakura.

Rather than the scathing reply he was expecting, or disquieted silence, Naruto was forced to look up at the sound of slurping sounding from his left.

Jaw dropping, Naruto was met with the sight of Sakura, the same girl that had just pushed the ramen away, now feeding a large helping of it into her puckered lips. Finishing a line of noodle, her chopsticks moved to a slice of grilled pork, popping the chopped meat into her open mouth with practiced ease. She noticed Naruto's gaze.

"What?" she asked, clearly still annoyed.

Not sure how to respond, Naruto just squinted, trying to make sense of his friends strange behavior. "Ah… how's it taste?" he tried. His friend just rolled her eyes.

"Like garbage." In contrast to her words, she went right back to eating, stealing a mouth full of broth before starting on another string of noodle. And all Naruto could do was watch, his brain becoming more twisted and confused by the second.

'Then… what the heck are you eating it for?' he wanted to ask. But instead chose to keep his mouth shut and finish his meal. The sooner they were done eating, the sooner he could go home. And he had had enough of crazy girls to last him a life time.

Through the rest of the meal Sakura ate like a machine, not fast so much as mechanical in all her motions. The bowl had been large enough that it would pose a challenge for even grown men. But she kept eating, shoveling food in even when it seemed like it would make her sick to do so. Until finally she was done.

Holding her stomach, Sakura looked more than little queasy. "H-Hey," she groaned. "Can we call it a night, please?" Naruto glanced at her, not saying anything. Thankfully, despite his soured mood, he had enough pity to recognize his friends discomfort and pushed his half eaten meal away. Sakura stood shakily from her seat as he paid for their meal.

Hands in his pockets, Naruto strolled down the street with a prominent frown on his face. The whole night had been a disaster and it had all been Sakura's fault. Said young woman was currently walking beside him trying to not lose her dinner in public.

First she agrees to a date with him, then she acts like he's the worst thing to ever walk the earth. Then she bad mouths ramen, Ichiraku's ramen at that, all before proceeding to shovel down an entire large deluxe serving to the point of getting sick. All the while, still treating him like crap! It was bad enough that it had ruined even HIS appetite.

The more he dwelled on it the more Naruto could feel his emotions burning in his chest. All he'd ever done was be nice to her, and for what? To be hit, insulted? All she had ever done was treat him badly in return. He'd thought if he could just show her how great a guy he was that Sakura would see how wonderful he was and ditch the bastard. But he was wrong, and he was finally, just now, seeing what kind of girl Sakura really was.

Stumbling forward, Sakura stopped in the middle of the road forcing the blond to turn. "T-This is my house," she pointed towards a modest home, common for a middle income family. Naruto wouldn't have been able to remember it if he tried.

The walk home had done the pink haired girl a bit of good. She no longer looked on the verge of sickness, though from the way she was holding her stomach it was clear she was still uncomfortable.

Naruto stared at her, eyes pinched in thought as he tried to decide if he should say anything. Then again, when had Naruto even been known for keeping his mouth shut?

"You know, I was really looking forward to tonight," he revealed, earning a look of confusion from his teammate. "I was really looking forward to having the chance to spend time with you and just… hang out."

Looking up from the ground, the blond's eyes glared at his teammate, though seeming more sad than angry. "But you… ruined it. You ruined the whole night." Naruto took a step forward. "You always hit me, and make fun of me, and call me an idiot, but I guess I just thought that was because Sasuke was always ignoring you. And I was okay with that, as long as it made you happy. Because, I thought it was that bastard making you act that way. But I was wrong. "

Pinching his brow, Naruto stared his teammate down trying to make sense of her dumbfounded expression. But that only made him angrier. It was one thing to intentionally hurt someone. At least that meant they thought about you. But Sakura, to her, he really was just an annoying idiot. An afterthought.

"You're just a bad person, and… and I don't care if Sasuke hurts you anymore. You want me to leave you alone? Fine." And pinching up his features, his brain searched around for the right way to leave. Finally, he blurted out the first insult that came to mind. "You know what? Suck my dick!"

Sakura's expression bloomed into an open gasp of disbelief. But seeing her jaw drop, Naruto felt no remorse. Though, perhaps a bit of nervousness.

She took a moment, perhaps digesting his words. No doubt she had been expecting him to stay a doormat forever. But surprise surprise, even Naruto Uzumaki has his limits. Though he had been expecting it, he still couldn't help but flinch back as Sakura regained her bearings, a flame of anger burning in her eyes.

Regret is a powerful thing. Naruto knew he was a bit of a hothead, and at times that had gotten him into more than one situation he could not come back from unscathed. This was looking to be one of those times.

As Sakura took her first step towards him, the blond could see her eyes burning with indignant fury. Never before had he seen his teammate so enraged. "Naruto," she spat, clenching her fingers into a fist. Knowing what his fate was to be, all Naruto could do was close his eyes and wait for the fist that would break his face.

Standing in the middle of the street, muscles tightened in anticipation, the sensation of a hand grabbing the front of his bright orange jumpsuit forced the blond to tremble. "Not in the face!" he begged, hoping to somehow avoid looking like he lost a fight to a brick wall. Yet as the seconds passed and the punch still never came, he dared to peek out of the corner of his eye and see what was stalling her.

Before he had the chance his world suddenly jerked off of his feet. Sakura was pulling him by the front of his jacket, leading him towards the small gap between her house and her neighbor's.'Oh god, she's actually going to kill me!' he gasped. Just as soon as the thought crossed his mind, he found himself being shoved backwards into the shadow of the ally.

It certainly looked that way, at least from the blond’s perspective. Hands balled into fists at her sides, her face was frozen in a mask of unadulterated rage. Sakura stalked forward like an executioner all too happy to carry out her duty. "You… pervert," she spit out the word, venom spraying from her lips. Finally, hands out, she reached him in the shadows.

Having once again closed his eyes in acceptance, Naruto hadn't been expecting the sensation of a hand as gentle as it had been coming to rest on his chest. Peeking, Naruto found his fear curdle into confusion.

Still more pissed than he had ever seen her, Sakura was glaring at him with everything she had. Yet, she didn't hit him. He could feel her hand pushing against his chest, but otherwise, nothing. Unsure of what else to do he let her lead him deeper into the damp ally until he felt the sensation of a wall pressing into his back. "S-Sakura-chan?" he asked, stuttering her name. But she didn't answer, instead only giving his face one last look of disgust before sinking to her knees and grabbing the hem of his pants.

"Wh-?!" before he could get the word out, Sakura yanked down his pants along with his underwear down to his knees. Naruto could feel his cheeks begin to boil his face from the inside out.

In horrified disbelief, Naruto Uzumaki found his dick springing out of its hiding place right in front of his crush's face. Meanwhile, Sakura took one look at the shriveled looking worm before wrinkling her nose in disgust.

Turning her face away, her eyes were wide and shocked. Even still, curious as any girl her age, she couldn't resist stealing a peek out of the corner of her eyes before regretfully turning to give it her full attention. "You're disgusting," she hissed, glaring at the soft tube of flesh. Unsure of how exactly to respond in this type of situation, all Naruto could manage was to stay silent as his bare ass pressed against cold exterior of his friend's house.

As embarrassed as Naruto was by this situation, he couldn't stop his body from responding to the presence of a pretty girl so close to his pubescent prick. And to his increasing disbelief, the familiar tingling sensation began to spread through his loins, signaling the quick and steady hardening of his no longer soft penis. A groan fell from his lips.

The space of the ally was surprisingly small. So small in fact there was barely enough room for two people to stand next to each other between them. Because of this, with her back already against a wall Sakura had nowhere to go as she noticed Naruto's dick beginning to throb and grow. Helpless, it was all the young girl could do as she turned her head, feeling its tip press against the soft skin of her cheek.

Lifting her gaze, the pink haired girl's emerald green eyes shone with displeasure as she stared up at the panting blond. In return he stared back at her, confusion still etched in his features, though now polluted with semblances of pleasure. It only made the girls stomach churn that much more.

"Um, ah…" Naruto fought to find a word to say. But his dick pressing against Sakura's cheek had robbed him of any hope.

Her skin felt soft, impossibly so. And against the head of his co*ck that sensation multiplied a thousand times. Flexing the aching muscle, a drop of clear liquid slipped from the tip smearing against the girls pale skin. Without meaning to, Naruto found himself pushing forward, rubbing it against his teammate and crush's face.

"S-Sorry!" he exclaimed, realizing what he was doing. In their position the apology sounded humorous at best. Sakura responded by wrapping her hand around the firm length of flesh, her eyes still gleaming like a knife's edge.

A shiver ran up the blond’s spine as he felt Sakura's hand around his sensitive member. She was still angry, which only made the image of her on her knees, his dick in hand, that much more odd. Lips pressed in a thin line, Sakura looked like a child about to be fed broccoli.

Her eyes stared down at Naruto's penis like an animal about to attack. Behind the fear, behind the anger laid the unmistakable glimpse of acceptance. "Naruto," she gritted out between clenched teeth, "you are the biggest pain in the ass I have ever met. Let's just get this over with." Stunning the blond even further, Sakura maneuvered the tip of Naruto's heated shaft against her lips, slipping it between the pink flesh in a single slow motion.

Fingers dug into the hard cement. A slow hiss fell from Naruto's lips as he turned his face towards the sky. It was more than he could handle, more than he ever expected to feel. For him, an orphan who rarely was permitted even the affection of a hug, this kind of contact threatened to overload his young brain. Still, the wet suction of his crush on his penis was all too real.

He could feel her lips wrapped around his head, nervously drawing him deeper into the wet warmth of her mouth. He could feel her breath on his shaft as it puffed from her nose in quick, panicked gasps. Slowly, she managed to push the last of his length past her lips, burying her nose in the sparse collection of blond pubs that had begun to accumulate at the base of his co*ck.

Naruto was still a young man, all his growth still in the future. That being said his manly equipment seemed to have gotten a head start of the rest of him, standing a little over five inches erect. Not large by any means but still an impressive feat for an amateur like Sakura to conquer on her first try.

Her tongue was slow to join the party, tensely brushing along its head before retreating to the farthest corner of her mouth. The salty taste mingled with the sweaty musk of working in a field all day. It was more than a little sour. Thankfully, she quickly realized the more she licked, the less there was to taste, cleaning the young man's co*ck. Finally, whimpering pitifully, Sakura committed to the act, drawing her pink muscle along the length of the shaft even as drool began to drip down her chin.

Naruto nearly doubled over from the sensations coming from his prick. In front of him he braced against the wall, bending over Sakura's head as she attended to his pleasure. To compensate the young girl reached up to grab his hips, controlling them as best she could to keep her soft lips around the vein shaft of his slowly rocking length.

Despite how wonderful Naruto was feeling, Sakura was still an amateur in the art of oral pleasure. And it showed. Had it been anyone other than a virgin teenager, most would have laughed at her attempt.

More than once Naruto had to watch himself to keep from pressing forward. Overwhelmed by pleasure, his hips would press into his friend, choking the young girl. Only the gentle sounds of protest and the low bubbling of her breath trying to fit around his girth reminded him to let up, each time causing his swelling to increase.

Weakly bobbing her head, the girl only knew the barest basics of the act she was asked to perform. More than once Naruto was forced to wince at the sensation of her teeth catching the rim of his head. But then he would feel the smooth sensation of her lips slide along his shaft. And he would feel the cautious attention or her tongue lick against his swollen underside. And the same breathless pleasure would consume draw the dangling orbs of his ball against his warm body. Unfortunately for Sakura her position wasn’t nearly as pleasant.

Her jaw hurt, more than she thought it would doing this type of act. Keeping her mouth open while her lips hugged the shaft was an actual challenge. And Naruto only seemed to be getting bigger which didn't help matters either. She had to cough against his head feeling him push too far again. He dislodged easily enough. But the constant motion of his twitching hips were impossible to control.

Silently, all that was running through her head was that she wished for the blond to hurry up and finish. How she got into this situation she would never know. As if listening to Naruto insult her in the middle of the street wasn’t bad enough. Like it was her fault he was such a creep? Though, she couldn’t really say the things he’d said were untrue either. Maybe… maybe she just felt guilty. It was as good an explanation as she could find. And the only one that made any sense as to how she was on her knees in the ally beside her home. All that was left was to finish him off quickly and walk away with a clear conscience. She drew her lips just a bit harder against his crotch, tightening her face from the effort.

Looking down, all Naruto could see was a head of pink hair moving back and forth against his pelvis. Her Konoha headband glimmered faintly in the darkness. Gasping, his hips began to meet her motions. Even with her hands on his hips neither of them were strong enough to stop his eager pleasure. And Sakura was forced to deal with the added difficulty.

When she had first pulled down his pants, he hadn't known what to think. But now, as he felt her lips run up and down his shaft, and that devilish pink tongue of hers lick along the sensitive spongy tip of his head, he found himself not caring. Only so long as she never stopped.

Quickly, more so than Naruto wanted, a tight sensation in the pit of his stomach signaled the end of his endurance. Forgetting courtesy, the only warning poor Sakura got was a long, gutted moan. By then a long line of Naruto's ji*zz had already shot onto the roof of her mouth, filling the small space entirely.

"!" Sakura shrieked. Trying to pull away, all she managed to do was to bang the back of her head against the house behind her. After another two mouthfuls of cum, she regained enough of her bearings to turn her head. Unfortunately, even that wasn't enough to keep the torrent of Uzumaki sperm from herself.

Down the side of her face she could feel each burst as it flew from his throbbing co*ck. Never having the time to relieve himself, the young man had built up quite a supply. Which, currently, was being sprayed all over the young woman no matter how much she tried to escape.

Trapped between the house and Naruto's firehose, every attempt to escape was met with another face full of ji*zz. She turned her head, pushing at Naruto's hips but there was nowhere to go. Lost in his own pleasure, he couldn't stop his hips as he thrust the head of his co*ck into the soft strands of hair she had always been so proud of.

Finally, after what seemed like ten full bursts of cum, Naruto finished, his gasping form still hunched over a cum drenched Sakura.

She looked to be on the verge of tears. Hands shaking, she held them in front of her seeing the white slime that literally covered them from their tips to her palms. Fearfully, she touched a finger to her hair only to come away with another thick glob dripping down her appendage.

The entire right side of her head was covered in the stuff. Even worse was the strings that had escaped, catching on her forehead and now dripped down her young face.

Opening her mouth she leaned towards the floor, spitting out the first wave of ji*zz Naruto had managed to surprise her with. She repeated this twice, each time finding the salted bleachy taste still sticking to her tongue. Finally, she gave up, attempting to wipe her mouth, but forgetting the cum that still covered her hands. A fresh smear covered her pink lips.

Without a word she stood up, legs shaking, and moved toward the opening of the alley. Pants now pooled around his thighs, Naruto was still too busy panting to stop her. "Sa-Sakura-chan?" he asked more than a little concerned.

"I'm going home now!" she bit out, her earlier anger returning in full force. Turning the side of her face that was cum free, her emerald eyes glared hatefully. "And you better not tell Sa-… you better not tell Sa-…, Sas-" she stopped mid word, stomping her foot in frustration. "just don't tell anyone about this, okay?!" Not bothering to wait for his reply she ran off, freezing at the opening to the street before turning the corner and hurrying away.

Naruto heard the sound of a door slamming shut as he fell on his ass. Finally having regained his breath, he stared at his shriveled member, marveling at the fact that it had just been in a girl's mouth, Sakura's mouth. For some reason he couldn't stop smiling.

After a few more moments, Naruto decided that the back of a cold ally wasn't the best place spend with his pants down. Still somewhat in a daze, he pulled his pants up around his waist, and, using the wall for support, he managed to stumble his way towards the road.

"!" Reaching the light of the street, Naruto looked up to hear the sound of a startled gasp. It was fairly late now, and most Konoha citizens had retired to their homes. All except one it seemed.

Ino Yamanaka stood on the other side of the street, mouth agape and staring right at him. Blushing, it didn't take much brain power to realize she had seen Sakura, and now him.

Swallowing, he started at the girl eyes wide. Again he was not sure what the correct thing to say in this kind of situation was. Finally, running a hand through his hair he simply pointed to Sakura's house and, with genuine confusion spoke,

"You… you saw that too, right?

A/N: okay, so that was the first chapter. A little slow to start but I need to set the story up sometime. Let me know what you guys thought with a nice, (or not nice) review. I accept either. Here is the list of girls I have under consideration. At the moment this list is kept pre-Shippuden. NO original characters. Everyone listed below has appeared in the anime or manga at least once.

Girls:Sakura, Ino, Tsunami, Hana, Temari, Shizune, (maybe) Anko, Karin. (Subjected to change)

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