Iterative method for constrained systems of conjugate transpose matrix equations (2024)


Authors: Akbar Shirilord and Mehdi Dehghan

Volume 198, Issue C

Pages 474 - 507

Published: 25 June 2024 Publication History

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    This study presents some new iterative algorithms based on the gradient method to solve general constrained systems of conjugate transpose matrix equations for both real and complex matrices. In addition, we analyze the convergence properties of these methods and provide numerical techniques to determine the solutions. The effectiveness of the proposed iterative methods is demonstrated through various numerical examples employed in this study.



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    Information & Contributors


    Published In

    Iterative method for constrained systems of conjugate transpose matrix equations (3)

    Applied Numerical Mathematics Volume 198, Issue C

    Apr 2024

    508 pages


    Issue’s Table of Contents



    Elsevier Science Publishers B. V.


    Publication History

    Published: 25 June 2024

    Author Tags

    1. Iterative method
    2. Convergence
    3. Conjugate transpose matrix equations
    4. Image restoration
    5. Markovian jump systems
    6. Linear time-invariant dynamical systems


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    Iterative method for constrained systems of conjugate transpose matrix equations (4)

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    Iterative method for constrained systems of conjugate transpose matrix equations (2024)
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